Judy Blue "Holy Grail 2.0" Boyfriend jeans!

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Holy Smokes!  The Holy Grail of boyfriend jeans is back!  This time is a super yummy mega soft, mega stretch distressed leg with a straight leg meets boyfriend leg fit.  The comfort on these if out of this world.  

Uncuffed these are 33 inches raw frayed edge but they come with a chunky double cuff to keep them closer to 28 inches. 

Quick Sizing Help: Torrid and Lane Bryant ladies stay true to your store size for a very roomy fit and size down one for a fitted waist.. Everyone else will size down ONE from their department store size for a roomy waist and two for fitted.  Full sizing help below.

Measurements (taken while laying flat)

Inseam (measure from crotch to bottom inside ankle):

Size 13: 33 Inches

Size 16W: 33 Inches

Rise (Measure from crotch to top front button)

Size 13: 11 Inches High Rise

Size 16W: 11.5 Inches High Rise

Fit  (These are a stretchy pair everyone CAN size down additional)

Regular 0-8 Sizing: Take your smallest EVEN size pant size and size down TWO for a fitted waist.  Sizing down only one may be a slightly baggy waist for most. 

(Example: Size 8 skip the 7, wear the 5, Size 6 skip the 5, wear the 3) for a fitted waist.  

Regular 10-16 Sizing: Your regular size (even size minus 1) will be a soft fit waist with some extra room (IE: size 12 wears an 11 for a roomy fit, 14 wears a 13).  Size down 1 more for a fitted waist (14 regular wears a 13 for soft fit waist and 11 for fitted, 12 is an 11 for soft fit waist and 9 for fitted)

If you have c-section/surgery scars or don’t like tight waist stay true to size (even size minus 1)

14w-24w Torrid Lane Bryant ladies: If you know your Torrid/Lane Bryant/Judy Blue size, Stay true to size for a soft fit waist and size down one for a super slimming booty pop fit. New to Judy Blue? See below for this pair specifically.

14w-24w Old Navy/AE/Gap sizing: Take your department store size and size down ONE to find your base Judy Blue size.  Your BASE size in THIS SPECIFIC pair will be a soft fit waist.  For more fitted, size down ONE MORE. 

Size 24 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 22W for a soft fit waist and 20w for fitted

Size 22 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 20W for a soft fit waist and 18w for fitted

Size 20 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 18W for a soft fit waist and 16w for fitted

Size 18 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 16W for a soft fit waist and 14w for fitted

Size 16/18 true wider hip plus size cut at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 14W for a soft fit waist and 15 regular for fitted

Size 16/17 narrower hip cut at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 15 regular


Model Sizing Preferences:

Ashley: Size 16 regular department store bottoms (she was a 14 regular pre-pregnancy) with muscular legs wears size 13 in these fitted and sized down

Details & Fabric

91% Cotton 7% Poly 2% Span

Color: Medium Wash Blue

Style: Boyfriend leg 

Feel: Stretchy Soft Thick Denim (high cotton content) 

On the CUSP of sizing and not quite sure??

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  

Size 14 regular is often a 15 in department stores and a 13 in Judy Blue

Size 16 regular can sometimes wear the 16/17 Junior Plus sizing and often prefers a size 15 in Judy Blue

If you’re a 16/17 with wider hips and like a women’s/Missy fit then try the 14w (14W is approx 1.5 inches wider than 15 regular)

14w-24w women’s cuts in the hips/thighs and calves will be true to size if you’re used to true plus size cuts.  

If you are used to AE/Gap/Old Navy with a more “regular” sizing then size down one.

16/18 plus at Old Navy/Gap/AE wears a 14w/16w for reference

Judy Blue Style # 88440 / JB88440



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