Bubbles & Botox Event Ticket

Bubbles & Botox Event Ticket

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We're baaaaack... 😜
And ready to party with you!! 👑

Join us at our first Bubbles and Botox party of the New Year! 🥳
We will have a licensed nurse on site providing Botox & filler 💉
Snacks & drinks 🍾
Our entire new collection available for purchase 👗
And a sneak peek of our upcoming NEW line "The Mad Queen" 🤩

Pre-register for Botox/filler @: https://persimmon.life/group/StegVfeK3D
Purchase a $10 ticket (just to join the party) @: www.shoplikeaqueen.com

You must pre-register OR purchase a ticket to RSVP and receive the party location 🌏
You do not need to buy a ticket if you are already pre-registered for botox.

See you all soon!

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