Gemstone Cuff Ring

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Gemstone Cuff Ring

Each gemstone is set and enclosed by a recycled brass wide cuff band with 24K gold overlay. Adjustable between sizes 6-9. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and comes in many different shapes and stone variations. 


  1. Lapis - Relieves stress, bringing deep peace, Harmony and deep inner self-knowledge, Self-awareness and self-expression! Honesty and compassion, Boosts confidence and the ability to confront others, Bonds relationships.
  2. Fluorite - Stabilizes hormonal changes such as PMS, PCOS and menopause, Truth, Aura cleansing, Intellect, Protection, Neutralizes negative energy and stress, Increases concentration, self-confidence and decision-making skills, Strengthens bone tissue and related conditions and alleviates rheumatism, arthritis and spinal injuries.
  3. Aquamarine - Courage, Reduces stress levels and quiets the mind, Perfect for sensitive personalities, Tolerance, Overcomes judgmental thoughts, Sharpens perception, Clears confusion, Provides closure, Self expression and intuition, Promotes self-expression, Soothes fears, Highly protective during pregnancy, discouraging miscarriages.
  4. Rhodochrosite - Comfort, Harmony, Friendship, Compassion and kindness, Tolerance, Self love, Encourages circulation, Detoxifying, Improves eye sight, kidney function and reproductive health.
  5. Scolecite - High Vibration, Calming and Patience, Dreams, Joy, Intuition, Transformation, Meditation, Purification, Expansion, Inner Vision, Enlightenment, Expanded Awareness, Inner Peace, Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Inter-dimensional Communication, Lucid Dreaming, Spiritual Awakening, Peace of Mind.
  6. Moonstone - Reflective and calming, Balances emotions, Happiness, Nurturing, Grants wishes, Increases fertility and regulates cycles, Love, Good fortune, Mothering, Unselfishness, Spiritual insight, Easy childbirth, Safe travel, New beginnings, Abundance
  7. Moonstone 
  8. Turquoise - Provides protection, Grounding, Courage, Love and luck, Friendship, Removes negativity, Serenity, Protection, Wisdom, Fertility, Enhances the immune system, Stimulates tissue regeneration, Purifying, Aids in gout, digestion, cramping and pain.
  9. Turquoise 
  10. Turquoise 
  11. Turquoise

Artist: Leslie F. out of Berkeley, California

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