Judy Blue Storm Chaser Black Flares (32 inch inseam)

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Our Storm Chaser flares from Judy Blue are phenomenal!  They come in 3 inseams with a raw bottom hem that you can trim down if needed and still have a great wide flare.  These are super stretchy in waist and hips and you can do true to size OR size down one more for fitted.  Full sizing info below and in fit video in description and photos.

Quick Sizing Help: Torrid and Lane Bryant ladies size down ONE from their even store size. Everyone else will size down TWO from their department store size. Full sizing help below.

Measurements (taken while laying flat)

Inseam (measure from crotch to bottom inside ankle):

Size 13: 32 Inches

Size 16W: 32 Inches

Flare - 13.5 Inches-Raw

Rise (Measure from crotch to top front button)

Size 13: 12 Inch High Rise

Size 16W: 12 Inch High Rise

Fit  (These are a stretchy pair everyone CAN size down additional)

Regular 0-8 Sizing: Take your smallest EVEN size pant size and size down TWO for a fitted waist.  Sizing down only one may be a slightly baggy waist for most. 

(Example: Size 8 skip the 7, wear the 5, Size 6 skip the 5, wear the 3) for a fitted waist.  

Regular 10-16 Sizing: Your regular size (even size minus 1) will be a soft fit waist with some extra room (IE: size 12 wears an 11 for a roomy fit, 14 wears a 13).  Size down 1 more for a fitted waist (14 regular wears a 13 for soft fit waist and 11 for fitted, 12 is an 11 for soft fit waist and 9 for fitted)

If you have c-section/surgery scars or don’t like tight waist stay true to size (even size minus 1)

14w-24w Torrid Lane Bryant ladies: If you know your Torrid/Lane Bryant/Judy Blue size, Stay true to size for a soft fit waist and size down one for a super slimming booty pop fit. New to Judy Blue? See below for this pair specifically.

14w-24w Old Navy/AE/Gap sizing: Take your department store size and size down ONE to find your base Judy Blue size.  Your BASE size in THIS SPECIFIC pair will be a soft fit waist.  For more fitted, size down ONE MORE. 

Size 24 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 22W for a soft fit waist and 20w for fitted

Size 22 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 20W for a soft fit waist and 18w for fitted

Size 20 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 18W for a soft fit waist and 16w for fitted

Size 18 at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 16W for a soft fit waist and 14w for fitted

Size 16/18 true wider hip plus size cut at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 14W for a soft fit waist and 15 regular for fitted

Size 16/17 narrower hip cut at Old Navy/AE/Gap is a Judy Blue 15 regular

Model Sizing Preferences:

Rachel: Size 10 bottoms, wears size 7 in these for a fitted waist

Ashley: Size 16 regular department store bottoms (she was a 14 regular pre-pregnancy) with muscular legs wears size 13 in these for a fitted waist (The size 15 is VERY roomy)

Details & Fabric

75% Cotton 23% Poly 2% Span

Color: Mineral Wash Black

Style: Super Flare

Feel: Stretchy Soft Thick Denim (high cotton content) 

On the CUSP of sizing and not quite sure??

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  

Size 14 regular is often a 15 in department stores and a 13 in Judy Blue

Size 16 regular can sometimes wear the 16/17 Junior Plus sizing and often prefers a size 15 in Judy Blue

If you’re a 16/17 with wider hips and like a women’s/Missy fit then try the 14w (14W is approx 1.5 inches wider than 15 regular)

14w-24w women’s cuts in the hips/thighs and calves will be true to size if you’re used to true plus size cuts.  

If you are used to AE/Gap/Old Navy with a more “regular” sizing then size down one.

16/18 plus at Old Navy/Gap/AE wears a 14w/16w for reference

Judy Blue Style # 88116 /JB88116




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