Milky Meadow Soap Bars

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Milky Meadow Soap Bars

Country Apple - You’ll defiantly feel like you’re in an apple orchard with this bar. It smells dreamy and oh so yummy! With the raw fresh goat milk and the Colloidal oatmeal which binds to your skin and locks in moisture, giving your skin a chance to rehydrate. It also softens your skin and may sooth itchy irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for people who have dry skin because its said to balance your skin's natural pH levels. This soap is also adorned with pretty little apple blossoms and lemongrass.  

Crisp Pear - Crisp Pear is a delicious scent and smells sweet and crisp! It’s made with colloidal oats which act as a soft exfoliant while locking in moisture all at the same time. This bar is also enriched with luscious silk fibers. Silk bonds with other proteins and molecules in the skin, firming it up and increasing hydration levels. Every bar is adorned with eco friendly glitter and a beautiful Jade heart stone. Jade stone represents harmony and balance and is also said to bring good luck! It’s a perfect stone for grounding, balancing the body, and calming the nervous system. The Ancient Mayans would use it to clear negative energy. Its a beautiful stone to keep in your purse, car or in your pocket and to connect with it when you need.

Patchouli- This bar is scented with Patchouli essential oil and is known for its calming and woodsy scent. It is said to help promote a smooth, glowing complexion. This bar is enriched with colloidal oats which can also aid in helping to lock in moisture. This bar is also naturally colored with madder root and paprika making it an all around fantastic natural bar, also great for sensitive skin. This soap is adorned with beautiful Red Sea salt and chrysanthemum flowers.


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